25 Fit Divas Of Instagram To Look Forward To In 2021

Dear 2021, Watch out for these Divas of Instagram

Since ages, fitness has been a part of our lives. Just the way of maintaining one’s fitness has changed. In the olden days, workout consisted of working in the fields and carrying out household chores. Today, fields have been replaced by gyms and chores by exercise routines. “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live”. Most of us are lost when it comes to working out and the tons of information available online only confuses us more. This has led to the rise of Fitness Influencers on social media who are knowledgeable about the industry and share their thoughts and beliefs on their digital homes. Let us take a look at some of these fitness influencers who are helping us achieve and maintain a fit and healthy life:

Surabhi Prabhu Mini Simran Rachana Supraja
Rina Sushmita Eshitta Hitesha Nandini
Balreet Megha Tanny Nishka Aradhna
Sana Shivani Surbhi Mehra Aadhya Jyotismita
Afreen Shona Annie Shubhankshi Neha

SURABHI PRABHU (@surabhiprabhu)


Surabhi Prabhu is a Mumbai based Model turned Actress. She has been well known and well accepted model having endorsed several prestigious brands in the national as well as in the international circuit. She has been a model for top brands such as Onida, Pepe Jeans, Provogue, etc. Despite being exposed to various high-end fitness studios, she stresses on performing yoga and meditation and shows that a fit body can be attained by nothing more than motivation. She has made her presence, via social media and provides not only fitness but also wellness tips.


MINI SINGHAI (@mini.singhai05)


Fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel and the co-founder to a production house. Mini has over 100K+ followers on Instagram and we are in total awe of her. Wait, there is more, she is also a Director. With such hectic schedules, she still manages to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Her feed is full of vibrant and colourful pictures that look just out of a movie! She creates content on a wide range of topics that are related to fashion and we love how she manages to put her vision across so well!


SIMRAN POPTANI (@styledarn)


Simran is a fashion blogger who is also an Instagram star with 20k followers. She loves posting about all things fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle. Simran‘s social media feed is like a fashion show with her parading around in different clothes. Since winter is here, she has posted a lot about must-have winter clothes in your wardrobe and how to style them. Simran’s reach as an influencer has afforded her collaborations with several brands such as- BONDS n BEYOND, Dresscode, Rush Farms, Karan Kothari Jewellers, Ozone Signature, Plum and several other lifestyle brands. Simran has also been featured in Times of India, Mochi Shoes, Brands and Bloggers Mag, Dainik Bhaskar, and more publications. Because she is in the public eye so much, she feels like she has a responsibility towards her followers. This is why she stresses on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and stresses on the importance fitness plays in one’s daily life.


RACHANA SINGH (@rachanasinghofficial)


A fitness influencer with 134k Instagram followers, Rachana has come a long way from her humble beginnings. She is from Azamgarh, a small village in UP. Her journey concluding in her becoming a fitness influencer as well as a software engineer in Delhi hasn’t been smooth. Girls weren’t allowed to study much or follow their dreams in her village. Rachana is grateful to her parents, who though illiterate, are far ahead in their thought process. They let her study engineering and spread her wings. Rachana was devoid of self-confidence and often teased by her classmates for her poor English. She didn’t let this faze her and instead joined a gym to get rid of her belly fat. She soon realized that being healthy isn’t a one-time thing. You need to work out everyday. Today, Rachana is a source of inspiration for others to get up and start moving. She has been featured in several publications and collaborated with- Joy, PoSHn Functional Superjuice,Iron Hyde, Main Bhi Chowkidar, AS-IT-IS Nutrition and several others.


SUPRAJA (@fitnesswithsup)


Supraja learnt Bharatanatyam for 18 years but as soon as she discontinued, she started gaining weight. This led to the start of her fitness journey as she started training and lifting weights to get back in shape. Supraja’s Instagram account is followed by 14.5k fitness enthusiasts who greatly benefit from her posts. She uploads videos of her workout routines mentioning the exercises and the number of reps. This makes it easy for her followers to include them in their own routines. Life has come full circle for Supraja who is now a trainer at the very place she herself first started training. She is living her dream of helping people achieve their fitness goals. She also makes it a point to engage with her digital friends at a rate of almost 4% Supraja sets challenges every month and makes working out seem fun. Her brand collaborations include- Women’s Best, Red Bull India, Skyria, Gymshark and others.

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RINA HINDOCHA (@rinahindochayoga)


A certified yoga teacher, Rina is followed by over 7.5k internautes on Instagram. She started practicing yoga to lose her post-pregnancy fat and to regain her strength. Rina posts videos of yoga asanas relating to specific issues like back pain, tight shoulders and tight hips. She has even posted several videos on kids yoga as well as spoken about the importance of meditation to maintain your mental health. Rina is a big fan of no-equipments workout as one can workout anytime, anywhere without having to worry about the gym equipment. She believes yoga helps you become more self-aware as you not only exercise your body, but also pay attention to your breath. Her engagement with the followers is almost 4%. Rina’s efforts have resulted in her being featured in the media- India Today, Deccan Chronicle, Telangana Today, You And I Magazine, HealthBuzz magazine, The Asian Age and several more publications.


SUSHMITA THADHANI (@sushmitathadhani)


Sushmita is a fitness influencer with 20.5k Instagram followers and her journey hasn’t been a bed of roses. She started out as an overweight kid with low confidence who was made fun of during her school days. To lose weight and regain her confidence, she started working out at a gym. Seeing the changes in others around her kept Sushmita motivated on her path towards fitness. Life has come full circle for Sushmita who currently works as a personal trainer with a specialization in nutrition. Today she helps others meet their fitness goals with specialised workout routines and customised diet plans as per her clients’ requirements. Sushmita uploads posts talking about the benefits of certain foods, busting myths, intermittent fasting and several topics related to health and fitness. She has even spoken about Keto Diet and how it affects your body. She engages her followers asking them what they would love to know about and posts information on those topics. She even asks which healthiest recipes they had prepared during the lockdown. Sushmita was featured on The Entrepreneur Ethics where she spoke about her fitness journey and her own startup FitSush and was also featured in Vogue India. As a fitness influencer, she has collaborated with- DearCows, Ono Teas, and more.


ESHITTA SHAH (@eshittashah)


An actor, entrepreneur and an avid traveller. Eshita is from Mumbai and was an editor before but later realized that she is passionate about acting. She switched her career lane and worked on her body to fit into the new industry she wanted to be a part of. While her transformation process she developed a new passion and that was fitness. Since that day she has posted pictures and videos about her fitness and acting journey. She believes in presenting the true side of her and tends to post frequently on her Instagram page. Collaborating with big brands and following her passion for movies, she’s truly an actor and an influencer!


HITESHA CHANDRANEE (@hiteshachandranee)


Hitesha is a famous name among fashion influencers in India with nearly 30K followers on her Instagram account. We absolutely loved her content creation style. If you visit her Instagram account you will find her wearing fancy dresses and a woman so confident in her body that she radiates positivity.


NANDINI TIWARY (@cardle.full.of.joy)


Spreading good vibes and fitness inspiration together in the most beautiful way - Nandini Tiwari is definitely one of those fitness influencers who’ll make you understand that “Your Body Is A Temple”. For her, it’s all about putting in the best of your efforts to see get the right results and we totally agree. Her core strength and flexibility will definitely leave you awestruck. You’ve got to have a session with her to realize the real importance of understanding your own body and importance of fitness. This one can go crazy with her outstanding flexible moves at almost every location. She will make sure you end all the negative energy around yourself and grow every day as you workout.

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BALREET MANN (@balreetmann)


A mom and a fitness enthusiast, winner of Mrs body beautiful 2018. Trying to help people in achieving their fitness goals through her social media posts and working as a fitness consultant. She tries to present her raw side on her social media to present a picture to her followers that she too fails sometimes but doesn’t give up until she achieves it. One of her biggest Brand collaborations was with, Oxien nutrition. Her journey is an inspiration to all!


MEGHA CHADHA (@meghachadha92)


Megha is someone who dabbles in fitness,fashion, beauty & travel. She has more than 40K followers on her Instagram profile. She has already endorsed a few health and fitness brands on her Instagram profile; if you visit her page, you will understand how she maintains her gorgeous look. She is extremely agile and tries different looks, trends and feels like a next-door neighbour




Started her fitness Instagram journey in January 2019 after she realized that she can use her Yoga certification for her people/followers by providing them correct techniques, tips and tricks about yoga and fitness in general. Initially started with a private account but the determination of helping others led her to make an effort towards her page & get started with her journey. She tries to come up with unique post ideas and doesn’t follow the mainstream trends. She tries to make content that matches with her audience's questions. Previous Brand collaborations include – Fitbit, my protein etc.


NISHKA BHURA (@nishkabhura)


Well, Nishka is someone who runs one of the most aesthetically appealing pages. If you do visit her page, you can get a glance of her lifestyle, which will influence you to adopt a healthier lifestyle. She believes a simple change can make a big difference towards a healthy lifestyle. She runs her YouTube channel too and talks about her relation with food and maintaining a healthy body too. Definitely someone to look up to!


ARADHNA SHARMA (@aradhnaofficial)


Aradhna’s sense of fashion is extremely eccentric and hence super inspiring! You will always see her travelling to new places and exploring different aspects of fashion. We believe her sense of style is super modern and chic. Moreover, her feed has a beautiful aesthetic that will keep you hooked to her profile. She also talks about a lot of skin care and you can see how well maintained she has kept herself, She is one of those who has big brand collaborations and even bigger ambitions. Definitely should watch out for this one. Growing her Instagram one day at a time, she has come a long way to 50K+ followers.

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SANA PRABHU (@sana_prabhu76)


Serving Instagram feed goals to everyone out there. Her pictures are so aesthetically pleasing and she has a robust sense of fashion. She is soon going to grow and leave a massive digital footprint. Talking about protein shakes and then jewellery and clothes - everything. She has got it all covered. The most beautiful photos we’ve ever come across.


SHIVANI DHYANI (@sheheartstealer)


Shivani’s blog is about beauty, fashion, lifestyle, travel and more. She strongly believes that fashion is an art and is inspired by the myriad of colours. She keeps working on unique and significant ideas and shares them through images and words on her blog. Her quirky sense of style really blows our mind! Over 90K+ followers, she truly justifies her instagram handle name - Stole our hearts too! She collaborates with top brands and lives like a freebird - the most appropriate way to describe her!


SURBHI MEHRA (@thebossslady)


If you are looking for fashion inspiration that is casual yet classy, Surbhi’s profile is your one-stop destination. Her vibe is super chill and urban, we literally fell in love with how modern and breezy her style is. Her blog speaks street fashion more than anyone else’s! She inspires everyone! Growing steadily on instagram, she has been featured in DelhiTimes and Times of India. She talks about, fashion, lifestyle and PR. This one’s for you ‘The Bosss Lady’!


AADHYA SHARMA (@hello_aadhya)


For her, it’s all about putting in the best of your efforts to see get the right results and we totally agree - Talking about lifestyle, travel, beauty and everything in between, she lives her life out loud of instagram. With over 50K+ followers, she believes in making a trend instead of following one. She is the one who wants to create looks that are trendy but also affordable and practical. Be it indo-western, traditional or urban outfits, her page has it all! Want to explore bright colours, bold patterns and experimental fashion? Her feed is the place to be!


JYOTISMITA BARMAN (@_.meow._.meow_)


A little girl from Guwahati inspired from an assam influencer and trends. After spending time most of her time on Instagram she decided to make her own page through which she can follow her passion and create content which makes her happy. Started with posting fashion images and after being shortlisted for a collaboration, which was her first collaboration she got the encouragement to make videos and discover the other side of content creation. She loves to explore and tries to connect with other influencers to learn more about the things she can do through content creation. Some of her other brand collaborations include – Mc caffeine, cairon fashion, coco soul beauty.

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AFREEN (@afreen317)


She has definitely got her principles on point with some serious career choices leading her to achieve her fitness goals. She has set an example of clear hard work achieved by reading about nutrition and work out and finally implementing it in the right way. She dropped a lot of kilos - through walking and weight training, which is quite inspirational. You've got to follow her for some hardcore motivation when it comes to fitness. All this while she has always been comfortable in her skin and that is the most commendable part of it.


SHONA ROY (@thelaziebug)


The not so-lazy, lazie bug is someone who covers so many niches as an influencer. With food, fashion, lifestyle, luxury and travel, she serves life-goals. While all of this goes with her life, she also maintains her body and treats it like a temple. She might make it look easy but she has put in a lot of hard work & undergone a lot of training. Nothing comes easy – it’s her motivation to do better every day that takes her forward. Her work out every day is definitely keeping her followers motivated.


ANNIE ARORA (@shemeansbeauty)


She's come a long way by challenging herself each day. Her Instagram videos are all about inspiring people to be positive, care about body especially hair, trends and MomLife. Multitasking at another level, Annie definitely stands out. She definitely serves as a role model for many of us and we just couldn’t miss out on this one when talking about the top women influencers in India.


Shubhankshi Dobhal (@shuvi.dobhal)


Shubhankshi has 23.8k Instagram followers and started learning yoga to stay fit. She learnt it on her own and uploads several posts of her performing the asanas. Shubhankshi clearly states that she isn’t a yoga teacher as one needs to be experienced and well versed to become one. She is an MBA graduate and has a senior diploma in Bharatanatyam. She is also a fan of arts and crafts. Shubhankshi’s asana posts always come with a short description of the pose. This helps her followers better understand and also try them out. She cautions one to be aware while they are performing the poses so as to avoid falling and injuring themselves. She engages with her followers at a rate of over 6.50%. She often posts challenges on her feed to encourage her audience to start practicing yoga. Shubhankshi’s list of brand collaborations include- Paper Boat, Tata Tea Tulsi Green and Kica Activewear


NEHA NAYAK (@yogagirlnaina)


Neha with 49.3k followers on Instagram is a self-taught yogini and a fitness lover. Her feed is filled with her in different poses and you would feel jealous of her flexibility. She could be easily twisted like a pretzel! Neha’s accompanying captions for each post includes- the pose, it’s modification and health benefits one receives from the pose. Each post is explained in detail and the fact that they mention the benefits of each pose, makes you want to start practicing them and hopefully become as flexible as her one day. Her engagement rate with the followers is over 9%. If you are a yoga enthusiast or wish to start practicing, you most definitely should check out Neha’s digital yoga class aka her IG feed. You will surely want to start practicing this ancient practice of staying fit. Neha has also spoken about mental health which forms an important part of your life. She has collaborated with several brands, some of which are- Myprotein India, Carbamide Forte Supplements, Pilgrim, ALTVEDA, Azani Nutrition and more.

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